Number sequence code

hi all can anyone tell me how can i recognize which sequence number code is for which process like Purchase Order, sales order etc or for which document like invoices etc. thanks and regards…

Hi Imran,

Number Sequence code can be found in classes, like numberseqReference_Ledger for their corresponding modules. The code will be in loadModule method of numberseqReference_Ledger.

These numberSeqReference can be found in each module’s setup parameters…

Eg; General Ledger–>Setup–>parameters–>Number Sequences Tab



Look into respective module parameters…

if you are in the number sequences form, select the number sequence and then click the “references” button. if the number sequence is referenced it will show you the information u need, like which module and which process.

What Kranthi and Lola said. to find your Invoice number sequence, go to Accounts Receivable > Setup (section) > Parameters > Number Sequences (tab) then find “Sales invoice”. Also, you could look at the Number References in Basic > Setup (section) > Number Sequences > references.

What Sathish was speaking of is how to add a reference to the module’s parameter form for number sequences. For instance, if you wanted to add a new reference to the AR module for an EDI based Invoice #, you would add the following code to the NumberSeqReference_SalesOrder class in the method LoadModule:

numRef.DataTypeId = typeId2ExtendedTypeId(typeid([Extended Data type for the new number sequence]));
numRef.ReferenceHelp = “A meaningful description”
numRef.WizardContinuous = true;
numRef.WizardManual = NoYes::No;
numRef.WizardAllowChangeDown= NoYes::No;
numRef.WizardAllowChangeUp = NoYes::No;
numRef.SortField = #18; //set to last reference sortField value plus 1