number seq is not generated in goods receipt note

i have problem in number seq is not generated in goods receipt note

i am facing this issue in standard env please help me this issue

Are you generating the number sequence for that field?

Yes…But its not working, where can i write the logic, can u please suggest me

numberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(VendParameters::numRefgoodsreceiptnote());
yourtable.goodreceiptnote = numberSeq.num();

where did you wrote the above logic in your Scenario?

If it standard, then why do you need to write the code to generate the number?

client is asking the new number seq code for Goods Receipt Note ,Could please suggest where can write the logic for that requirement

iam new into ax ,Where can i write the above logic,

Accounts payable/Common/Purchase orders/All purchase orders>>Receive Tab>>Product Receipt (VendPackingSlipJournal Form)>> Under this form i have one button (Goods Receipt Note)>>(VendGRNJournal_IN Form, this form i need write the number seq ) can u please suggest me where can write the logic

Not sure when this document will be generated. Look like a localization?
You need to identify the process that triggers the creation of GRN and place your code.

You can write in form level and in your case you can use initvalue method in form level datasource to write the above logic!!!

Ok, it is related to IN localization.
There is a code to generate it automatically, \Classes\PurchPackingSlipJournalCreate\initHeader
See why it is not generating in your case.

Just identify the datasource of the field that you want auto generate in the form VendGRNJournal_IN and override the initvalue method in the corresponding datasource to write the logic.

In the standard only Goods Receipt Note(GRN) number seq not generating i checked the number seq i.e assigned to GRN…
and which scenario GRN(Number Seq) process will work

Any suggestion ??
Thanks in Advance

Have a break point in \Classes\PurchPackingSlipJournalCreate\initHeader and post the product receipt.

I’ts working fine

Thank you so much Kranthi

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While doing product receipt >> under line details u need to specify

Accepted quantity over there.

Then only GRN number seq will generate…

for reference go to \Classes\PurchPackingSlipJournalCreate\checkGRNAcceptedQuantity_IN

Hi kranthi… while opening Dimension statement report i am facing this below error

“Running the report has been cancelled due to the time it will take to run. Adjust the parameters of the report and retry”

Any suggestion ??
Thanks in Advance

It’s already been discussed over here,…/dimension-statement-report-takes-too-much-time
Please continue there.