number of format barcode number

hey there i’m facing this problem as you see here formats of barcod number not shown well i mean the numbers
any solve for this problem??!!
or if there any way to remove number only from barcode number?!

i already do customization to (Peripherals.dll) from SDK CU9 Peripherals>Printer
to fix merging issue
and as you see here i change barcode to barcode128

because my barcode reader can’t recognize barcode39

Your code is not in X++. If you ask for X++ this’s the solution:

display BarCodeString ServiceOrderbarCode()
Barcode barcode;

barcode = Barcode::construct(BarcodeType::Code39);
barcode.string(true, ServiceOrder.ServiceOrderId);

return barcode.barcodeStr();

You can use Font - BC C39 3 to 1 HD Wide as font. You can’t print barcode scanner readable barcodes with all font sizes, you have to find out with try…

I see you’re using AX POS. Even you use C# or some language else you have to encode barcode string before print. In the other case, you can see barcode at paper but can’t read with reader.

thanks for replay

i really use SDK CU9 to fix many things like margin problem and now this problem about barcode