Number of Copies to Print

I would like to pass to windows the number of copies to print a report. The Navision logic used for multiple invoice copies has a flaw in that the printer has to reprocess the print data for each copy. For most modern laser printers this is a non-issue. But my problem concerns the printing of labels on a barcode printer (a fairly current high speed printer). There is about a half-second pause for each label, rather than a steady stream. This may seem trivial but we print approx. 5,000,000 labels a year - which works out to around 700 hours worth of pauses… Does anyone have some insight on how to do this? Thanks.

You can always use the standard windows number of copies on printing and set navision to make just one copy… Regards,

Thanks for your response. Actually, that is the value I’m trying to set. Except, in order to aviod user errors and keep control of the quantities printed, I’m trying to set the value automatically.

Run on two different label printers same report [:)] … or run report twise … or make in that report two Bodies with same data!