NT Server Task Manager reported 100% CPU Usage

When a client logon to Navision server, the Task Manager on the NT Server reported 100% usage and it stay there. Has anyone encounter this before. We are using NF2.60.

Have you checked to see if the errant process is CPUMONI.EXE? If this is the case, kill the process and then remove the file.

I have encountered this before. I haven’t found a solution jet. It happens a lot when you’ve got 2 NF-servers running on one server and in one has been programmed. A solution can be to run each NF-server on a different machine.

CPUMONI.EXE used for performance tracking by Navision server. Check table 2000000037 - Performance. CPUMONI simly sometimes replaces idle win process to check CPU usage by server.exe. That for ask Navisision developers.

You must uninstall navision servers and then modify cache parametre. When you install 2 server in same machine, you have problems with cache, because each navision server use maxim memory. If you reduce navision cache you can work normally. Navision servername=xxxxx,unintallasservice Navision servername=xxxxx, cache = xxxx, installasservice

The simple thing you can do is just rename the file to for example cpumoni1.exe. We’ve done this and it works fine.

I have a similar problem, my CPU is 100% usage and if I use task manager I can see that the guilty is the process named Server.exe (cpumoni was renamed a few months ago). Also is truth that I have two navision financials servers in same machine. What can I do if I need maintain both servers?