NSC List disappeared from WEB

Hi, It was surprise for me that Navision US deleted NSC list from there website. I think that it is much more difficult for clients to find a solution center. They have to make research and spend a lot of time or request information directly from Navision. This can cause discrimination against small solution centers because now Navision will influence customer decision. And what is really bad that some solution centers could influence Navision representatives so some NSC’s could loose marketing power or Navision website and have to invest more money in marketing. Is this WORLD practice or US only? What was the idea behind this? Is this good or bad? Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

The NSC list was deleted to allow Navision US to have more influence and control over how leads were distributed to NSCs. There were problems occuring where several NSCs were being contacted all at once by “shoppers” and a lot of time and effort was being wasted. In addition, since the lists were alphabetically sequenced, there was also a concern for those appearing at the bottom of any list. And because the lists were geographic by state, an NSC located just across a state boundary might not get referenced when they should have been. Since all NSCs are chartered by the NTR, I think they have to trust in the NTR’s decision making processes. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever.com Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hello. David is quite correct in his statement that users were shopping against the NSCs - sometimes going more than a state away. Therefore, the decision was to help all NSCs. As for your concern about an NSC influencing Navision to favor one NSC over the other - that is not going to happen. All NTRs want all their NSCs to thrive. Therefore, the NTRs will continue to push as many referrals to all NSCs. The only expectation of the NSC is that they take the referrals and close some deals. Please contact your regional representative to express your concern. I can assure you that they would like to address your concerns. /Michael

Actually Michael, I think the key here is that Navision wants all of the NSCs that “produce” and actually “close” deals to get the newly found leads. As we know, there may be a vast difference between the focus that one NSC may have to its Navision product line versus another that has 2 or 3 different accounting solutions in-house. Unfortunately for Navision, there are other products out there that do lead themselves to better margins for the NSC and therefor this sometimes skews the selection. All in all, I do think you’re right about Navision being fair. Navision simply wants to get the deal to the NSC that can close it faster and at the highest quality possible. My 2 cents… Edited by - Muzzy Dawg on 2002 Jun 05 15:26:08

Hi, I checked other NTR websites. Only UK and US have this policy. The good thing that Microsoft does not and I believe all NSC’s will be listed on Microsoft.com very soon. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.