NS Outlook Synchronization Handler - using it to create email with a FROM

I need to be able to create emails where Navision supplies the From address.

I tried the obvious in codeunit 397 OSendMail.“From” but I get a compile error.

I cannot find any documentation on the NS Outlook Synchronization Handler.

(In case anyone is wondering - this is for sending emial notifications where the From is a mailbox that will be used by several people.)

What is the compile error that you get?

Hi, I get the same error. When one tries to compile the codeunit, there is absolutely no error…

Any idea, why the instance cannot be created?

Try removing and reinserting the automation variables. That usually gives you a clue.

Have done it. No difference - no error when compiling, but when trying to send an email the error comes up.


Navision 4.03 (CH)

Windows XP SP 2

Outlook 2000 SP 3

Office 2000 SP 3

Hmm. In former versions this was handled by the mapihandler, and it is kinda hard to figure out exactly what automation to use. It should be installed when running the install, but i doubt it is.

The problem is it tells you have an unknown class(when you open a std. codeunit 397 and go to OSendmail subtype)? Means your computer does not hold the custom control needed(you find it in tools, custom controls in navision).

Sadly i have the same problem so i cant tell you what automation class/subclass is needed…


Have you tried running RegSvr32 on the OLHandler.dll?

There is a known issue with OLHandler and Nav. I got the latest HF from MS just last week.

BUT! The OLHandler works fine. The Fin.Exe has its own problems though, so I sent a bug report back to MS. You can still use the new Olhandler.dll without the fin.exe. Well my customer could.


File Version :

If you do not have this version go get it from MS.

If you have a developer license to check if the automation Controller exsists do the following.

Create new form using the Wizard. Base it on the table “Automation” (Just type it in).
Make sure the form type is “Tabular-Type Form”, hit OK.
On the next screen hit the ‘>>’ button then press preview.
You should get a list of all the automation controllers.
In the TypeLibFile column press F7 and enter the following filter @olhandler
If nothing shows the OLHandler is not registered. If it does that the path in “TypeLibFile” will tell you where to look for the .dll


That fixes it, yes. Can find the olhandler.dll on the product cd. Just install it using navision(tools, custom controls, browse).

Hi Mbad,

That can become confusing, the user expects to see “NS Outlook Synchronization Handler” in the Custom Control List, but it won’t appear.
Custom Control comes from “OLE Handler” and NS Outlook is in “Automation”

The “Browse” will register it as needed, just won’t appear in the list.

The other things to bear in mind, are you should set the browse to view “All files .” as OLHandler is a .dll not an .OCX

Also the .dll should be copied to your Navision Client Directory otherwise the Automation Reference will point to the path on the CD. I just tried it [:)]


/agree to all the above. Thanks for identifying the .dll Tony.