Novell and Navision

Hi! I’m not all that familiar with the differences between Novell and NT. We have a prospect that says if it won’t run on Novell, he doesn’t want to see it. A seach has shown me that other users are running Navision on Novell, and I’m hoping to find out if there were any issues that couldn’t be overcome, differences between the NT and Novell install, etc. thanks for your time,

You can’t run the Navision Server on a Novell server, but there’s no problem running Navision on an NT-server in a Novell network.

We run a mixed environment, Navision run on Windows 2000 as a service (with nothing else) and file and print sharing (as well as a few legacy apps) are done through our pre-existing Novell network. It’s fine. There’s no need yet to purchase 100 user CALS for the 2000 side. Navision on 2000 is rock solid, I’m not sure of its situation on Novell. Michael

Navision does not provide a server program for Novell because of Novell’s disk caching. Navision asks “have you written it to disk” and Novell says “yes” when in fact the data is sitting in a disk cache. If the server then failed before the data exited the cache, the Navision database would have integrity problems and you wouldn’t get the nice Navision recovery when you restarted. Way back in Financials 1.10, I played with a PC running a Navision server under Windows but where the database was sitting on a mapped drive on a Novell server. It worked, just. Really, it was just to prove it could be done and I would not, never, ever, no way no how, allow a configuration to run like that for real. But just so you know it can be done anyway. Cheers, John