Notification or message pop up in navision 2013r2

i want to send notification or message pop to nav user at particular time or we can say a reminder. I am using nav 2013r2.

You will have to use the Notes page and record link table. You will have to read the Notes user enters which is stored in record link table and based on that you will have to add a code on page such that when you find a record in record link table then give a pop up message.

i want to send pop up message to selected nav user at particular time automatically.

Exactly what kind of pop-up message do you think about? A general notification or context specific? If context, like for example if you open a customer, then it will pop-up a message with something you need to work on with that customer, an overdue invoice, a special message about the customer or?

As SBHatbNG writes, then in NAV 2013 you have the notes, which work as some sort of notification. It does not pop-up, but you may have noticed it on most page. Here you could make a pop-up if there are any notes. These notes are created manually, but you could create a codeunit which could insert new messages. I have done that for a few clients, but the result really isn’t that good. The notes are very limited, and as system tables then you cannot change it. And it’s functionality is changed in later versions of NAV, so would not recommend build anything against them.

The reason the Notes functionality is changed, is that in NAV 2017 we have “real notifications”. Microsoft build a “framework” which can be used to insert special notifications, with actions etc. Here both build-in and custom notifications can be inserted into all pages, without even changing the page.

You can check out this video:

I know you write that you use NAV 2013 R2, which means this functionality is NOT available for you. It uses functions only available from NAV 2017. So you would not be able to “downgrade” the notification functionality directly. And if upgrade to NAV 2017 is currently not possible, then that means you cannot use this option. Or does it?

What you COULD do, was to do a technical upgrade, where you just upgrade the executables, the clients, servers etc., but don’t actually upgrade the database, except for the system areas. That’s a very common practice, if you have a customized solution, but want to take advantages of new functions.

That would not give you all the notification functionality as it is co-dependent on objects. But those could easily be transferred/downgraded, if you limit your requirements a bit. The video describes how to do most of it.

I have not tried it my self, so I cannot guarantee that its easy to do or that it even will work for you. But it would give you a solution, which when you later do the real upgrade, could easily be migrated to the NAV 2017 standard functionality.

Notifications does take a little time to get familiar with, but once you do, then they actually are quite easy to use.

Dear Erik,

Actually i have and excel sheet for maintaing the logs or cases of our team. So i want a pop up message at 5:00 pm daily for updating the excel sheet.

So within NAV you want to tell your team that they should go to Excel and update an Excel sheet?
If that’s not really related to NAV, then why not just send them an email or SMS?

What if they don’t have the right page opened in NAV? You would need to add this notification together with a timer or something in this version.

Hi Eric ,

Do you have an solution for implementing SMS in MS Dynamics NAV 2017?

Hi Anand,

Personally I have not, but I know that a lot of ISV’s have solutions for this. MVP Arend-Jan Kauffmanm has shared a solution using webservices for this.

Thanks erik for yor support. Above requirement not nedded now.