Notification for product category and incoterm in a sales order

Hi all,
how can we setup the system to be able to send or present a pop up notification on a sales order that has a specific incoterm for a specific product category or item?

As far as I know, there are no standard pop up notifications in F&SCM. My company is going thru an implementation now, and we had some needs for pop up notes / messages that we could not accomplish in the base product.

You can accomplish this one of two ways that are a work around, but we found work:

  1. Configure the advanced notes functionality to transfer notes from a product down to a sales order when created. The order entry agent will just need to be trained to review the notes attached to the sales order.

  2. If you are not using Product Lifecycle States you can use those to create a policy that will display a warning message on a document.

Outside of that, a modification may be required.

thanks Gino. good advice. i will try them and see which one we can used