notification: amount needs to be rounded in gen. journal line

Hi expert,

Please help me resolve this notification ‘amount needs to be rounded in gen. journal line’.

I encountered this message while posting the general journal line with 123 lines.

here is the general ledger set up of the company.

Amount Rounding Precision - .01

Unit-Amount Rounding Precision - .000001

Amount Decimal places - 2:2

Unit Amount Decimal places - 2:5

thanks in advance.

Any currencies involved in the journal?

A tip to find line that caused err.msg in large journal:

When msg pops up, under it still remains “Posting…” form - move err msg sideways and look at which Line posting progress stopped…

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none, it’s all in LCY amount.

So as suggested you will need to look at the associated line and analyse the line.



I am getting the same error when i turn on debugger i see system create a rounding entry in purchase line.

all entries have amount equal to amount inc. vat but the rounding entry have only amount not amount inc. vat…

pls help me.