nothing to post


When iam trying to post the sales order iam getting error as " There is nothing to post"

But i have items in the inventory also.

This message means that you have not set any qty to ship or qty to invoice.

is this applicable for service items also? Thanks


What is your question? More details please

I have configure NAV for a service provider company for test purpose and create a sales order, for example IT Support for 5 man/days. And when i want to post this order i got the message “Nothing to post”. Thanks.

IT Support for 5 man/days----Is of type Item or resource?

If Item then Qty. to Ship and Qty. to Invoice should be non-zero whereas for Type Resource, Qty. to Invoice should be positive.

Okay, Bansal. I think, i got the point. thank you very much.

Dear Ashraf,

Can you tell me the solution to solve the error “Nothing to post”. As same error i faced in the Navision.


Rahul Nirwan

Rahul, in what form are you getting the message? if it is a sales order, you either have not specified any quantity to ship or invoice or all has been shipped or invoiced. A purchase order, the same type of thing only quantity to receive or invoice. Check for qty >0. If that doesn’t answer you question, please provide more details.


I have already checked out the Qty to ship/Qty to receive/Qty to Invoice. The Qty is >0 but still all users are not able to post the Sale Order and Purchase Order.

I have checked through Debugger… it forward to Form 42(Sale Order) but its coding is PROTECTED.

So how can i resolve this issue… please reply.


Contact your Partner please…

Partner is not ready to solve it…

Change the partner…Contact your manager…if not, IT admin…if not,company head…

It will take a lot of time to handover to new Partner due to which orders will get pending.

Kindly Share the points which can i do rightnow without any Partner Help.

As we dont know what customizations are done in your system and even you cannot post the code where exactly you are getting error message becuase of code protected…so we just cant help in this case…