Notes in Navision

We are on version 2.6. In later versions, is there the ability to add notes/images to specific items, like an image of an invoice attached to the transaction in Navision? I know Great Plains has this functionality, but I wondering if Navision had it. Thanks

Hi, You can attach the image of Invoice(or any image) in Navision.You need to add BLOB field in the respective table and write the code to import the image in that field.

Hi Mike, Yep. This is a standard feature in Navision 3.XX and above. All items can have “comments” and “picture” stored in the master card to recored the notes/images. However if you need the same to be attached to all the transactions, imagine the size required for storing BLOB fields ! I am not sure about having this in Ver 2.60, but remember having this feature then as well ! Cheers,

Have a look at they have what is generally acknowledged as the best Navision add on ever, i.e. the Document Manager. Please mention my name, by now Fred owes me a damn lot of Beers for the business I have sent his way[:D]. (But they deserve it for a great product)[;)].

Hi David, Browsed through the URL you had mentioned. There is not much information available on this website about this Navision Addon. Can you elaborate on the specifics of what does this add on offer ? Thanks

Hi, I am working on 2.6 and there is no option by default to store images. But can be customized adding BLOB field in vendor/customer card. Best regards, Anu

Hello, Rothith, basically Matriks enables you to both ‘attach’ multiple files/documents against Navision records and create Microsoft Word document templates that can be populated with information from Navision records, for example, standard letters to customers, fax sheets, Item data sheets etc. You can either store the files within the Navision database itself (File compression is typically 1/4 of the external file size), or if you are concerned about database size, externally. Documents also ‘flow’ logically through the system, for example if you raise a sales quote and save a document against it, when you convert the quote to an order, the document will then be visible against the order. Once you post the order, the document is accessible by navigating against the shipment and invoice. There are two versions available, Version 2 has an external .exe file and licence file in addition to the additional Navision objects, and Version 3, which is more recent, which consists of Navision objects only. MBS have introduced similar integration in 3.01 onwards, but this is limited to the Relationship Management module only and not as easy to get to grips with with customisation. As David says, Matriks is a really useful Navision add on.


[/Documents also ‘flow’ logically through the system, for example if you raise a sales quote and save a document against it, when you convert the quote to an order

That sounds interesting ! Does it also include a workflow solution ! for eg. giving prompts to the Sales Manager to approve an invoice document…or to a Purchase Manager to convert a quote to an order.

Hello, Unfortunately not - It is for storing/associating files only. There is no work flow/task management element.

Rohith, give Fred a call, or send him an email, he will give you all the help you need. As an NSC, you really should have MatriksDoc as one of your offerings.