Not setup any general business posting groups...

Dear All,
In page 2-43 of navision essential 3.7 manual file, there is sentences as follows:
“It is also possible to not set up any General Business Posting Groups if you do
not wish to distinguish sales and purchases by location.”

What is the meaning of sentences, I mean how to apply it in Navision ? Could you
give me a specific example pls ? tks in advance


I’ll have a stab at this one for you, I’m sure someone more Consultant/BA will correct me if I am wrong.

But I think what its trying to say is that in the General Posting Setup you can specify a blank GBPG against a GPPG.

So you can could create a sales line for example with a GPPG but no GBPG and as long as your General Posting Setup is maintained with Blank GBPG then it will still post.

This is where I stick my neck out - So you could in fact run your whole database without ever specifiying a GBPG as long as you have the General posting Setup with Blank for all GPPG’s.