Not rounding Expected Consumption

Dear All.

I found new issue in our production order. which the calculation of expected consumption calculation rounded the qty. actually I don’t want the system calculate automatically rounded the expected Qty.

Now I’m using the NAV 2009 R2. how to change the qty in expected consumption not to be rounded. just the real value .

here is our BOM line example :

Qty : 0.025 Kg .x 3 = 0.075 Kg .

but now it tobe rounding : 1 Kg.

pls give me the solution, how the way to change this calculation to NOT rounding.

B Regards.


Hi Alfian,

Please check rounding precision in the Item card. It should be set to ‘1’. just delete it and try again.

Hi Hansi.

you were Right, I change the rounding precision to be 0 , the calculating for expected Qty is OK. but when I want to output Journal Posting, there is warning , that ;

" Rounding precision must not be 0 for item “R00z9” "… do you any idea for this solution . this item is Backward ( in Flushing method ).

thank You



Please set rounding precision as 0.0001. Don’t remain it as zero.