Not returning to main menu when changing company

Our customer has a Navision database with 2 companies. They often switch between these companies. For instance, in company A they are looking at Sales - Customers and then they look in Company B at Inventory - Articles. When returning to Company A, you get the main menu. What they want is that the customer form is displayed. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Hi! Why don’t they start 2 Navision-Sessions? One running on company A, the other on B? …\fin.exe companyname=A, id=A …\fin.exe companyname=B, id=B Regards, Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Nice idea, Joerg, but then you have to pay for 2 sessions. Bernie, which Navision Version are you using? With Attain you have the possibility to request direct a form with selected data during startup. Using this with the windows login it is very comfortable. Regards Walter

For all users you can set up which main menu they use (Table 91). Simply set this to different forms in the 2 companys /Lennart Edited by - lennart nielsen on 2001 Aug 14 15:13:16

Walter, you are right. The solution of Joerg is too expensive. The solution of Lennart is not correct because the situation is not that the users will return to the same forms but they want to return to the form they were using at that moment. Our customer uses NF2.60D by the way.

Hi all! Walter, you’re right, sometimes i think too BIG … Bernie: maybe you could realize a workaround: Create a new field in table 91 (User Setup), e.g. “Last Active Form ID” Then you can put the ID of an activated form there, e.g. Trigger Form OnActivate(); … UserSetup.GET(USERID); UserSetup.“Last Active Form ID” := 30; // Itemcard UserSetup.MODIFY; … Then you could create a function in Codeunit 1, that runs that Form, after a user has logged in (call the function in “Login Start”)´, e.g. Function RunLastActiveForm() UserSetup.GET(USERID); FORM.RUNMODAL(UserSetup.“Last Active Form ID”); Well, that would mean a lot of programming in many forms, maybe … and would cause some performance-trouble, maybe … As an alternative, you could save the ID of an activated form in the standard-field “Main Menu ID”, but that would mean, that this form would be the only one shown … Regards, Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP