Not Getting Dimension Values after Upgradation of Nav From 2009R2 to 2013R2

Hi All,

We are Upgrading Nav Database from 2009 R2 to 2013 R2 By using Steps Showed in below link…/upgrade-toolkit-for-upgrading-data-from-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2009-r2-and-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2009-sp1-to-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2013-r2.aspx

And Everything Will work by following above steps. But the problem is we are not getting the dimension values of old database.

Now my question is dimension set id’s were created at the time of upgradation process steps or not?

Is this create automatically for upgraded database(2013R2) or will i need to add manually?

How to Get That dimension set Id’s for Old documents…

Thanks And Regards

Mahesh U

Hi Mahesh,

Yes the dimension set values are created as part of the upgrade process. Are you sure that the dimension functionality of the old database was not modified?