not exist join


how can i select records from a view “abc”, that records are not in the view “123” by using not exist join.

for example :- I want the records with ItemId = 456 from the view “abc” but that records should not be there in the view “123”.

anybody can help me ?

You can get the help from following example.In this example all the items are printed which doesn’t exist in InventTrans table.

static void Job9(Args _args)
InventTable inventTable;
InventTrans inventTrans;
while select inventTable notExists join inventTrans
where inventTrans.ItemId == inventTable.ItemId


static void Job4(Args _args)


abc A;

123 B;

while select itemid from A notexists join B where A.itemid==B.itemid && A.itemid==‘456’