Not Enough Capacity Could Be Found?

Here is the error I am getting: “Production order ****** could not be scheduled. Not enough capacity could be found”

We are not currently using resource capacity planning. Also, there are not any operations on the route nor are there resources. I am not sure what could be causing this error. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Strangely, if I lock the the production order for rescheduling and then try to start it, it won’t allow me to because it is locked. However, when I unlock it the purchase order’s status is changed to started.

When you schedule it what are you actually setting on the tabs relating to capacity and material?

It turns out that the main base calendar ended 1/1/2013. Even though there were no resources on the route, the lead time on the item itself was 40 days. That is what caused the error (because 40 days from now is after 1/1/2013).

nice [:D]

Hi can you guys tell me where to check the main base calendar? I suspect we have the same case, but I cant contact our consultant we will try to resolve it without the help.of a consultant please help please

Go to the route, there is will be a resource which has a caeldar - check the times on this, if this is set as a base calendar then navigate to it and check the times.

it did not work for me… though its true that my calendar ended last December 31, 2012, I open working times again i even created up to December 2016 but still same error…

Hi Adam, where can I check the lead time of an item? thanks

Look at the route and the defined time to get the lead time, if you are doing this through planning look at the dates based upon finiste material etc.

If it did not work for you then I would guess your calendar has the use base calendar ticked and you have not updated the working times for the calendar flagged as your base calendar.