Not effecting Inventory accounts

My environment is 4.03 sp3 .

Automatic cost posting = yes

Automatic cost adjust ment = yes I

Inventory accounts setup happend.

I created a new item A .

I received and Invoiced with that Item and sold that item next day.

Costing method is FIFO.

I run the AICE.

When I run the Post cost to G/L , the cost post amount to G/L field in value entries is not updating .

That amount is updating in G/L accounts.

What is the problem ?

Please help me.

Can you post header item ledger entry details and generated entries. It will be difficult to tell you what is the problem without having details.

If “Automatic Cost Posting” = TRUE, then the G/L-postings are made when posting the sales/purchases and when running the “Adjust Cost…”-batch.