Not able to view Companies from new database in Dynamics NAV R2 Client

Hi ,

  1. I have restored a new database which has many companies.
  2. Then in Classic client, I opened new database and imported license file.
  3. Now I couyld see the companies from new database.

But in R2 client, I am not able to see the companies in “Select Server” window or “Select Company” window.

Coluld you please help to to resolve this issue or please provide steps so that I could also see the companies from new database.
Please allow me to ansewer your queries in this regards.

Savan Disawal.

But you can connect to the NAVServer without errors?

Please check if NAVServer is enabled in the database properties (File,Database,Alter) in the classic client.

Run a complete Security synch for all logins.

Hi Savan

Have a look at

This mentions 2 KB articles with hot fixes which may address your issue.

Yes, I can connect Dynamics NAV server. And checked in Options tab of Alter database in Classic client and Enabled for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is checked.
Could you please let me know how can I see the companies from New database in RTC client after entering Server Name. B’coz after entering server name it populates old companies i.e Demo companies only but not the companies present in New database.

Thank you.

In this case you forgot (most probably) to connect the NAVServer to the new database.

Please check the CustomSettings.config file in your Service folder (most probably in C:\Program Files\microsoft dynamics nav\60\Service) and check for the server related settings:

  • DatabaseServer
  • DatabaseInstance
  • DatabaseName

I guess the “DatabaseName” property points to the wrong (old) database instead of the new one.

Change this and restart the service(s).

Thanks a lot thomas… There was old database name in config file.
Now it is showing me new companies after changing Database name and re-starting service.

Once again thank you for your valuable time and inputs. :slight_smile:

Savan Disawal

You are welcome.