Not able to Undo receipt

Hi all,

By mistake user posted the purchase receipt to wrong location code . When user try to undo receipt remaining qty not match with received qty . Transfer entry happend against that Purchase receipt .

Please guide me how to resolve that undo receipt .

That’s because your receipt has been applied to a sale og a negative consumption - some negative entry.
If you for instance create an item, post a sale and the a purchase - in thos case you’ll not be able to undo that receipt.

One work-around is to create a positive adjustment, re-apply the negative entry to this new entry, undo the receipt, correct and re-post the receips, re-apply again and then create a negative adjustment, which eliminates the positive adjustment(!)…


In NAV we can not reapply the entries if the applied is transfer entry to Purchase receipt entry .

we can reapply only for sale , negative, Consumption entries only.

So i request you to throw some light on this to resolve the problem.

So you need to adopt the workaround suggested.

Tell me how did you transfer something from a locaiton it was never in? It is not just a system problem you are discussing here, so please also address the working practice issues the site has.


I agree with you it is not the system problem , it is Use problem only.

By mistake Purchase Department created the PO againt the wrong locatio code B ( Actual loction code is A)

Ware house people also by mistke they received and trasnsfered.

Please throw some light.

You have error upon error and therefore the only solution left open to you is the one posted originally. You can keep asking but you cannot undo it, it is not there to undo, you need to do as suggested.

Thanks Sir,

I understand it is not possible to undo receipt.

Atleast give some alternative solution how to correct that one .

Please throw some light to solve the issue.

This is the workaround originally suggested - did you not read the reply?

Thanks Sir,

I already explained it is not possible to reapply , becuase NAV 5.0 , 2009 allows to reapply the entreis only where the applied entry type is Sale , Neg, Consum. It will not possible to reapply the entry type = Transfer Entry .

so give some work around solution.

I see, my misunderstanding. So the ONLY correction you can do is positive and negative adjustments, there is nothing else.

Invoice the receipt, process a credit, you will need stock for this and use exact cost reversing. Reload the purchase line, receive in correctly. You will also need to take care of the end destination of the stock or consume the purchase return from there.