Not able to so/po invoice

Dear All.

Am not able to invoice the SO/PO.While doing am getting below errors

1.Account number for transaction type Vendor balance does not exist.

2.Account number for transaction type Purchase expenditure for product does not exist.

I guessed it is a account structure not configured properly ,but same structure is working in one company and it is not working in newly created company.

Please give your suggests to find out this issue.

Assuming the posting groups are configured, make sure the COA is set for the company and the account structures are correctly configured.

Check the setup for Sales and purchase orders under

Inventory & warehouse management → Setup → Posting → Posting.

Make sure “Purchase order” is selected in purchase type in Procurement and Sourcing Parameters.

Procurement and Sourcing Parameters–>General–>Default Values–> Purchase Type–>"Purchase Order"

Sory given solution instead of other question.