Not able to run specific classic report in RTC in a specific system

I have installed both RTC & classic client in a system. I have deleted the RDLC report design so when i run the report only classic report will get open for me in RTC. After deletion when i try to run the report I am getting the error “Server not found”, but same report i am able to run it in classic client. When i login in another user same problem exists. The same scenario i did in another system the report generation was sucessful. In a specific system alone not able to generate specific report but other classic reports also generated sucessfully. Specific report specific system there is some problem can anyone help me out in this.

If your SQL instance is not the default. You will get this error.

For example MYSERVER\SQL2008 will cause an issue. If you had SQL installed on the primary instance MYSERVER - it will work fine.

This is a known issue with NAV2009. I believe it is addressed by SP1.

I check it out but no instance is there. it happens only in specific client system where no SQL instance is created. Only client protocols has been installed