not able to post the invoice

Hi all,

i’m getting an error message that “the posting setups not defined for Line no. 50000”

here in the sales invoice the total no.of lines are 4, and i’ve checked the sales lines, in the sales lines also system showing only 4 lines.but i’m getting the same message.

please suggest solution for the issue.

thanks in adv…

Even you have 4 line on Sales Invoice but you first verify the line no 50000 is exist or not. By Ctrl + F8 you can check that on line level. if line number exist then check posting setup for that line.

If you not find line 50000 than , what you do go to fifth line and delete it by F4. it might be you updates some fields wrongly.

thanks for your reply

more over also check the g/l accounts related to the posting setups

What is exact error message ?