Not able to On hand inventory

Hi Team,

I have posted PO till received stage but not posted invoice.Ideally it should come to on hand stock when the received process is done.

Could you please help me what would be the reason for this.I have checked all the settings & parameter setup it looks fine…

Thanks for the help & your input in advance.


Manjunath H

Its in AX 2012 R2

what is Inventory>Transactions status

Its in received status

For your additional info I have not set the GL accounts for Purchase…is this causing the issue…

May be the items received and issues to some other sales order…?

pls post the screen shot of your inventory transactions form… release products>manage inventory> Inventory transactions


Inv transactions is showing empty…I am sending you a screenshot for ur further info…

2843.Inv transactions.docx (35.3 KB)

sounds something contradicting. you mentioned the inventory transaction status is “Received” in your earlier reply.

confirm one thing when you see PO Line>Inventory trans button -are you able to see the inventory transactions and if it is showing what is the status.If it doesn’t have inventory transaction then definitely you can’t see the onhand too.

are there more than one item available in the PO? can you see your packing slip journals whether you really received the item.

my guess is if the item is been ordered and someone cancelled the delivery remainder then you might be assuming that it is delivered.

Hi Santosh,

PFA screenshot for your further reference.I think it should be clear now what i meant.PO is in received status & nobody has created SO against this PO.



The item model group and the system will be configured to treat this as a non-stock item - it is creating no item transactions so there is no on hand.

Thanks for your valuable inputs…

Sorry to ask you again…how to get it in on hand inventory.You mean to say whenever i create PO now it will be considered as non stock? It wont show in on hand?

Could you please guide me if i need to change in any of the settings if i want to see my on hand.

Many thanks,


You need to declare the item as a stocked item. Assuming you are not working on Live environment.

In Released products form, you will find “Item model group” field,

-Go to it’s master form by clicking “right click> view details” and see whether “non stocked product” check box is checked

-Uncheck that, if it doesn’t allow you to do it , create a new model group with needed settings and link it to that product.