not able to hide the visiblity ofr certain tables in visual studio(show or hide based on expression is not working )

hi guys i am a reort where if one select any value in parameter it will display certain tables and i have used this functionality in visual studio =IIF(Parameters!fieldvalue.Value = “Printing”,true,false) but this function is not working properly at times it is displaying the table which are not supposed to be display … in simple words tab;ix properties>> visiblity >>show or hide based on expression is not working

or any one can suugest how to hide certain tables in ax with refence to parameter selected for look up in report

I wouldn’t suspect that IIF() function doesn’t work. The problem must be somewhere else.

First verify that the control is made hidden or visible if you use fixed values. If this didn’t work, it would mean that you’re using a wrong property.

If the problem is in the expression, it must be in the condition - maybe you’re not getting any value from the parameter or the value isn’t exactly equal to “Printing” string.

Thanks martin the issue got resolved,

i changed =IIF(Parameters!fieldvalue.Value = “Printing”,true,false) to =IIF(Parameters!fieldvalue.Value = “Printing”,false,true)

and that was working atlast.