Not able to delete free text invoice After submit and recall

Hi I have a problem,

After creating free Text Invoice in Account receivable than Submit to workflow,

Recall the FTI (free Text Invoice) from workflow and before workflow picks up the cancel request and processes it, delete the FTI.

Here I want to Delete free Text Invoice After submitting to workflow and when i am recalling

but Here Delete Icon is disabled on form after submitiing

Any one have idea to enable the delete icon where i need to change code



hi Suresh,

you need change in the form in the “enableUpdateJournalButtons” and in the “Active method” of the your < TableName >

hi jasmine,

thanks for your reply,

I did not find enable Updatejournal Buttons method in my form and i am in ax6,

i think i need to change in the class which handles workflow events i am trying in that way



Hi Suresh,

  1. Try in Forms \ custFreeInvoice \ Designs \ Design \ ButtonGroup \ MenuButton:Functions \

Clicked () method…

when you open the clicked() method you ll find this “element.setCreditInvoicingButtons”

just select the setCreditInvoicingButtons and right -click on this…and select the “lookup Definition”

and then write the coding there…

  1. And write coding in Forms \ CustFreeinvoice \ DataSources \ CustInvoice Table \ Methods \

ACTIVE Method.

I think this will work out…

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for Reply, I will try it and let you know.