Not able to Connect From XP System

Hi All, Iam getting the following Error while connectingot SQL database, with Database authentication. Error :- " The double-byte character set, code page 936, on your computer is not supported by this version of MBS-Navision. Contact your system Manager ". Database - SQL 2000 Navision Ver. 3.70 (SG) OS - Windows XP. Few systems are working fine in the XP OS. what could be the reason for this.? Thanks in advance

Hi Ramanath, This is because of the Double Bit language that is enabled In your XP system. Disable the Language else change the “Validate the CODE PAGE” in your "FILE–> Database → ALTER → “Collation TAB” or Get your hands on the “STX” files that can bypass the Windows Check… warm regrads venu…

I have a smililar problem with Baltic (1257) codepage - result being errormessage on db open - ? collation not supported. Same error whether I use english W2K Pro (SP4) or estonian XP Pro (SP1). SQL is 2000 and SP3. And error is given on both version on finsql ie. W1 and EE.

Your computer’s system locale is based on a double-byte code page - 936 - which is not supported by the Navision client, by default. If other machines are working its because you have not set the system locale consistently, and I guess you are not requiring this code page anyway. Change it in Control Panel → Regional and Language Options → Advanced → Language for Non Unicode Programs. (The ‘Validate Code Page’ setting on the Collation tab will not help with this error since it is for single-byte checks only. Double-byte characters sets can only be allowed with a change to entry ‘00093-00400’ of the stx file). facade: The collation not supported error is different. What is the collation you chose when creating the database?


The collation not supported error is different. What is the collation you chose when creating the database?

1257 - I reported it to MBS yesterday and have no answer yet - so we’ll see. I can create a db (cp 1257) with 3.70 (any version) (and also restore a company) but after closing it I cannot open it anymore.

What is the collation name ? Not the code page.

Latin-1 dictionary sort order, code page 1257, case-insensitive, accent-sensitive (154) I also use 156 (Estonian dictionary sort order) - but main idea is to get this 154 working.

you indicated changing the entry in the stx file, what would I need to change it to? or do I need to comment it out? I’m trying to use the Chinese (PRC) language and am getting the same error shown here

You cannot change the stx file. This thing has a checksum and you would need to have a MS internal developer license to do it.

is there any way around the 936 error? I cannot get into my database unless I change the language on my server from Chinese PRC back to English. I also tried this with test databases using my normal 1252 (52) collation as well as this same one with validate code page unchecked, and also tried one with the binary sort and validate code page off and still am getting the 936 error. Is there any way around this so I can use the Chinese language?