Not able to assign new IP Address in LCS . LCS Enable Access not working .

HI All,

In D365 F&O we Used enter new IP address through “LCS - Environment - Maintenance - Enable Access” but now I am not able to assign this.

When I am trying to assign it’s pointing out the database instead of services . Can Anyone help Please

NY Help PLz?

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to help you if you don’t explain your problem properly and provide no details about the environment.

Let me guess: You’re trying to get an RDP access to an environment that doesn’t allow it. There is nothing to do - it’s simply not possible.

Yes martin,

I wan to access the RDP from other network for that i need to allow the IP to access the RDP. i was doing the same few days back but suddenly it’s not allowing me to grant the access.

The difference i notice that the "Inbound modify rule " screen has database where as it was pointing Services earlier. Also there is no drop down in Database.

in addition getting below error when trying to enter IP without DB.

Unable to complete this action. Try again in some time or contact support with activity ID - d907fbd2-c546-4314-8b69-81e10cedcf82.

Yes, I understand you want, but it doesn’t mean that it’s possible. It depends on the type of environment, and you still didn’t tell us anything about it.

My guess is that you’re talking about Microsoft-hosted T1 environment and it looks like a sudden change to you because you (or the person managing your LCS, if it’s not you) ignored all emails from Microsoft on this topic

Yes Martine , it’s Microsoft-hosted T1 environment .

we have other project where the same environment is working well same as previously. Please suggest what could be the case regarding this.

Let me quote Microsoft:

On December 1, 2020, we started to remove the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for access to Tier 1 (Develop & Test) environments managed by Microsoft.

Removing the RDP access will continue as the process is completed in batches.