Not Able to Activate the TabPage with Data

Hi All,

I am working on Ax2009.

I have a form with two tab the first tabpage I have right and left list panels.

I am populating the Data in right list panel.

My problem is When I open the form by default first tabpage is showing empty, and when I moved to second tabpage then if I come back to first tabpage, it is showing the data in right list panel.

Kindly Assist how to populate the data in the first tabpage immidiatly after opening the form



Hi Hariyadav,

Good day.

Do you have screenshots of forms with tabpage?

HI Portia,

At the moment I am not able to provide screen shots.

I have form with two tab pages. in one (First) tab page I have right and left listpanels.
In Another Tabpage I have two fields in the grid.

I am populating the data in first tabpage by syslistpanelrelationtable class by writing the code in page activated method of the tabpage.

The problem is first time when I open the form by default it is not showing the data in right list panel of the first tab page .

If I goto second tab and if come to first tab it is showing the data.

What I want is it has to show the data by default when I open the form.

Kindly suggest if any properties or methods yo use.


First when you open the form, the page activated will not be called (being its a default tab), so going to another tab and coming back to the first tab calls the page activated and fills the data.
You may have to re-think the placement of code or changing the sequence of tabs.