Non-visible sections in the SectionDesigner

Hi, Has anyone experienced to have some sections on a report, which it is not possible to scroll to. However when I use the arrow-down key (outside the screen), I can see that the Control-ID is changing. I have tried changing resolution on the screen, but now matter what resolution I use, I can only scroll to the same point. It seems not to be possible to scroll morethan aprox. 100.000 1/100mm. regards

I had such problem. As I remember, I solved it by these steps: - copy upper sections to temporarry report - resizing them to minimum size - edit bottom sections - copy upper sections back

Reminds me a a problem I had a long time ago… In the early versions of Navision that were not multilanguage I once did a report that had lots of sections, one for each language and the appropriate one was displayed according to the country code of the customer. As the number of languages (and therefore report sections) grew I noted I could not scroll down to the sections at the bottom of the report. When I contacted Navision about this they said the section designer screen is only 1 meter long and anything below this will not be displayed. They suggested saving the object as text and modifying the code in a text editor… nice!!

Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for Your replies. Victoras: This is pretty much the way I work around the problem today. Chris: At least You got an answer from Navision. I have 3 weeks ago asked for support on this , on the PartnerSource, but no one at MBS has yet even taken the request. regards Alexander