Non-taxable items


I am trying to set up an inventory item as non-taxable in Navision. I’ve created the item with the Tax Product Posting Group of Non-taxable. The g/l account for this item has been set up with a Gen Bus Posting Group of non-taxable and a Gen Product Positng Group which refers back to my item’s Tax Product Posting Group. In the Posting Setup I created a General Product Posting Group of Non-taxable.

However, when I try to invoice this item it comes up with tax. I’m wondering if I am missing a step or if it has to do with our 3rd party tax software Avalara just taxing everything unless the customer is tax exempt.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Beverly

To test if settings are OK, you can “Show” by default hidden columns of Posting Groups in Invoice lines (right-click on column header part and check neccessary ones to show).

If all Posting groups are filled as you expect --the ones with no tax-- then you have already answered yourself, that your

Thanks, I took your suggestion and checked everything. It looks like I have all postings set to non-taxable. So now I’ll have to check into our 3rd party software to see if that is my problem.

Thanks, Beverly