Non Stoick Items

Hi , Is the Non stock item in Navision uesd for buyinng in house Non stock items like Stationery etc. or for some other purpose. If I have to raise teh PO for Stationery or other consumable do I use Item or Charges or Accounts. Please advice. Bangli

The non-stock items are basically items that you may or may not use in future. The first time you use a non-stock item, it creates a real item on table 27. This saves you from having to create real items for things you may not end up buying/selling. The idea is that you may have a sales catalogue with thousands of product combinations/options of which only a proportion will actually be ordered in practice. Instead of creating real item records for all possible sale items, you create them all as non-stock items and then only the ones you actually use will be turned into real items. Conversely, a supplier may send you their catalogue electronically. You load it as non-stock items and then only the things you actually buy get turned into real item records. You could use this for stationery. The more common practice in my experience is to use an Account G/L although I have seen people use a generic item called “Office Supplies” and they alter the description depending on what they are buying. It’s not a great idea because you end up with item ledger entries and inventory of this generic item but it makes some people happy. Cheers, John

Thank you very much . But Still I have a provblem . How could I create a Non Stock Item Say like Table,Paper, Chairs etc. Do I Have to do it through Item Master or Is there anyway I could create it in the NON stock item Table. No I have some non stock item in the Cronus Table but I could not use it to Purchase thing and convert it into a Purchase Invoice. My Users don’t want to use GL account for Non Stock Item They want to have it as seperate set of codes and use is as on when required.and do some purchase planning and analysis. Best Rgds Best rgds

Hi Bangli, You cannot use nonstock items in P.O., but S.O. Some more infos: Nonstock Items allows you to expand your offering through an imported vendor catalog. You can offer items without actually having to stock them. When a sale on one of these items occurs for the first time, the item in question is automatically converted to a normal “stocked” item with its own item card – but you can, of course, choose not to re-stock. Because the nonstock items are handled in the same way as normal stocked items, all the functionality from the sales and purchase order is usable. This means that you can combine with drop shipment, for example, and thus never need to see the item you are selling and on which you are making a profit. Soya

Bangli, Soya is correct on the area of Non-stocks not being used for POs. As Soya also went on to describe, Non-stocks are simply a way to offer customers items that you don’t want to store at your own facility. Now I’m assuming here that you’re utilizing Adv. Distribution version 2.6. The system treats it just like a regular item, but it simply has a check box that dictates how this item was originally created on the item card. Now if you delve deeper into the Location Item Card, you’ll notice that on the Ordering tab there is a field that allows you to check whether this item within this location is considered a non-stock item. If it is, then the Do not Restock flag will highlight as well. What all this setup does is allow you to have detailed information on buying trends and to make decisions on whether to regularly sell this item and also stock it. To me it simply sounds like you’ve not been able to turn the item into a regularly stocked item.

Hi all, thanks a lot. Bangli