Non-stock Items

Industrial/Electrical users, looking for some guidence in managing our very large and continue to grow non-stock items. Our non stock items outnumber our stock (trade service) items 50 to 1. We do achive and then purge non used items however we can never make up any ground. hAs anyone encountered this problem?

Hi Jim,

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This is normally handled by an interface to upload the non-stock list. I guess that you sell from a huge supplier catalog and only need a fraction of the items. Have you automated the input process?

Hi DaveT,

Could you elaborate more on what you have mentioned? I.e. “automated the input process.” May I know what do you mean by that?



Hi Brian,

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Normally there is a lot of data to upload and this is automated by using dataports, xmlports, webservices etc. These uploads are normally scheduled to upload on a regular basis and update/replace the existing data. The tricky part is mapping the inputs from different sources (suppliers) to your template (we have developed an add-on for this) or creating a upload for each data source.