Non-stock BOM's

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to Navision. Couple of other software that I have worked with previously had a functionality of non-stock BOM’s or Kit Items. The main item is not kept in stock by itself but the components are (and of course a component could be a kit item also). Quantities and prices on sales orders were entered only on the main item but the order displayed the whole exploded BOM so that the customer could see what they’ve got. I haven’t been able to find a solution to this problem in standard Navision 4.0 Navision BOM’s and non-stock items do not fix this for me since they were intended for completely different purposes. Does anyone have experience in setting up the system with this functionality w/o writing new code? Thanks in advance. Draggan

Hi In all probability you will need to modify this to do what you want. You have presumably looked at the explode BOM funciton on the slaes order, but want to actually make/kit the item and get instructions. There are lot sof approachs for this but the few I have been involved in have all required modifications to meet the needs of the customer, but all pretty straightforward.