Non profit - set ups

Wwhat arre the questions to be asked for non profit organisations b4 implementation. As i am new to this. kindly help me

why they want to implement NAV?

What are reports/analysis needed?

That’s not something that can easily be answered. What you need to do is get someone more senior involved and work with them on your project.

Well, first and foremost you need to get some knowledge on the laws for non-profit orgs in your country, expecially for the accounting part. Normally, non-profit orgs have special rules that allows them to manage even large amounts of money relatively easy. They surely are subjected to little or nothing taxes, but they need to keep track of any expense.

Obviously you need to know which kind of non-profit activity they do. How they collect contributions from members and sponsors. What they do to promote their activity - mass mailings, ads, fund raising sales, shows and gatherings, etc… Do they collect materials and stores them? Do they organize events? Do they publish a periodic bulletin? How many members they have? Which kind of members? In no-profit orgs there are members who just contribute with some money now and then and members who work for free in the organization. Do they have paid personel? How wide a territory do they cover?

There might be more, but I think that this should be enough to start.

Take a look at this document here… It is a review of one of the top not for profit solutions Serenic Navigator ( a NAV based add-on) . The review outlines features unique to NFP organisations and how they are handled in Serenic…

actually its very useful. But i need as:

for any non profit organisations, what are the set ups to be made. How can we ask to the client. What r the questions. Pls reply for this.

Second one…

Any chart of accounts r balance sheet income & expenditure for non profit organisation which should be suitable to all non profit organisations,

Pls give a suitable reply


There are some pretty good case studies on, which cover NAV implementations for non-profit organizations. They might contain some of the questions you’re looking for.


Jim Stengler
MTS Consulting, Inc.