Non-Navision Hardware Question

Just wondering if anyone has ever hooked their PC up to an LCD screen that it normally used as a TV.

I.e. Can I get an LCD Tv and use it as my computer monitor at the same time?

I’ve looked around the net and seen a few things about it, just wondering if anyone here does it or has seen it being and done and what they think?



Hi Tony,

I have a 36" lcd-tv attached to my gaming-pc at home.
(Nice when playing World Of Warcraft)

But this is a TV-set that has both SCART, VGA etc. addapters from the factory.

I’ve created a gaming-room at home, with both the X-box, the Playstation and the PC attached to this TV.
Sorround-sound and a pair of recliner-chairs.
That’s heaven…

Your Alan Jonston thing only shows when You’re online.

I do this all the time no problems.

But TV’s are TV’s and Monitors are Monitors.

I just bought a 17" TV, with 1440 x 800 native resolution, and it works OK as a pc monitor, my wife has 12" laptop, and occasianally she likes a bigger screen, but for the same money I have a 22" monitor with 1680 by 1050 res. But watching movies on the monitor is no where near as good as on the TV, and vica versa.

basically decide what you need most. If you want to watch TV sometimes on a PC then get a TV card for your computer.

Oh and by the way, even thought the contrast is getting much better on LCD tvs, they still don;t come close to Plasmas, so if you really want to watch TV, especially things like action movies then get a plasma. An LCD can’t go black (thought give it a year or two and LCD will be better).

To honestly answer your question, a TV that is good enough to be also a monitor will cost more than the cost of buying a seperate TV and Monitor.

I’m looking at getting a HDTV that I can link up to cable (for the Premiership) but also want a Desktop at my new place.

But am worried about room. Hence the LCD-TV question.


Do you watch TV on the LCD as well? I would make sure it has the right connectors.


Hi Tony,

Yes I do.
But David has a point about the contrast etc., perhaps I’m just easy to please, cause I find it ok both as TV and PC-monitor.
Well it is placed in a rather dark location.

The TV has 2 SCART-, 2 HDMI-, 1 VGA- and 1 Co-axial-connector, so I’ll be home free. [;)]
(Actually there are more connectors, but I can’t remember what they are)

I do not really know about the cables, just plug in everything that fits and hopefully it works, its works for me all the time, but on the software-part: I use a little program called UltraMon to manage the different screens. It also understands that you want to use a really large lcd-tv for your computing-needs so you can adjust those settings as well!