Non Inventory Item

Is there a function that allows me to create items that do not carry inventory? I would like to track purchases and costing on items but do not want them in my inventory. I am in a floral industry, items such as fertilizers, pesticides, and cleaning supplies. Can anyone provide some suggestions?


How do you expect to track purchases w/o inventory? Costing alone might be tracked in a tricky setup of G/L Accs + Dimensions, but not Quantities.
It will be easier to create a separate virtual location, which carries your supplies apart from main products, than “inventing a bicycle”. You can even write them off just after the moment of purchase, thus posting costs to appropriate expenses account, and keeping inventory empty for these supplies.

is there a way to write these off automatically? my fear is if we forget to do this manually, it may look like we take a big hit in one month.

Well - this is an organisational issue… Fully automatic this write-off can’t be, but this is not the only job to be done on a regular (monthly?) base. Many companies calculate FA Depreciation, for example, or write off all accrued expenses on per month base - why do you estimate your employees to be so poor proffesionals? Accountants happen to be rather accurate folks, at least those I have been dealing with…

just a thought :slight_smile:

the separate location seems like a good idea…i’ll be back with follow up questions if I have any.

thank you for the help