NODBC Connection With .NET

I need the basic steps for Connecting my Navision Database with .NET using NODBC…

Please help!!

Create a Data source

Control Panel → Admin Tools → Data Sources → User DSN → Add

Select Dynamics NAV ODBC driver

Fill in the fields according to these guidelines:
Field Comments
Data Source The field is already filled in with a default data source name.
You can change this name, as explained on page 10.
Description This field contains a description of the data source.
Connection You must specify here whether Dynamics NAV is installed as a
single-user or multiuser system (client/server):
Local Click here if the driver will function in a singleuser
Server Click here if the driver will function in a
multiuser installation.
Server Name If you have selected a server connection in the Connection
field, enter the name of the server, that is, the server where the
Dynamics NAV database is located. (If you have selected a local
connection, leave this field empty.)
Net Type In a multiuser installation, enter the name of the network
protocol program, that is, tcps (default value). tcp (for TCP/IP)
or netb for NetBios.
TCPS is a secure version of TCP/IP and uses the Security
Support Provider Interface (SSPI) with encryption enabled and
Kerberos authentication. We recommend that you use the
TCPS protocol.
Database Name Enter the name of the database you want to connect to. You
can see a list of available databases by clicking Database.
Browse to the relevant folder, click the database file name, and
then click Open to copy the name to the field.

Your .NET code:

oODBConnection As New Odbc.OdbcConnection(“DSN=Dynamics NAV


Thks for the reply…but i tried the same, it returns an error like,…

Data Source Name Not Found And No Default Driver…

Is it a .NET error or is it cause of NODBC…

Please Help!

When i install NODBC ,it is not registered in ODBCINST.ini file. But i can connect the Navision Database through DSN

Through ASP.Net It Retuns Same Error as Cyrill … reason I found that the microsoft Navision Driver is Not registered in the ODBCINST.ini file . In ODBC.ini

file , It has details about the NavisionDSN. I verified the NODBC installation & configuration .its fine

can anyone give the reason …