No values in Inventory Valuation List

One of my clients has posted its inventory by himself in the , with a positive adjustment, inventory has been created, and thus appears on the inventory valuation list. On the Item Card, tab invoicing the selected costing method in 80% of the items is , and though a value has been filled in, in the Unit Cost field, the total value of that item is not stated on the inventory valuation list. However, in the case of the remaining 20% the Costing Method is FIFO, and those values ar being stated on the inventory valuation list. Does anyone know how I can get the value of the items, which Costing method is standard, to be printed on the inventory valuation list? THX.

The valuation will include standard costed items.

I would guess that either the items were booked in without a standard cost, easily verified from teh item ledger entries, or the valuation report is being run with an ending date prior to the adjustments, to the value is not reported.

If you do a simple test in a test environment use an item journal to book one item in with a stadnard cost, you will see this on the journal line, then run the valuation report for this item and you will see the increase and value of the standard cost reflected.

Can you confirm in value entry if those items have any value?