no stored balances?

in chapter 1 of the Navision Attain Overview, around the SIFT definition, it says there are NO stored balances anywhere in Navision. If that is true, how does calculations happen quicker than almost all other processes?? How do these (no balances) calculations happen instantly? Thanks, Trint

Trint, What happens in Navision is that the values which show balances, are normally FLOWFIELDS. Flowfields are fields calculated using the SIFT technology and are initiated by the CALCFIELDS command. Please consult manual for further information

SIFT is a special database functionality and patent that Navision a/s has developed a couple of years ago and included in the native navision database, precisly to avoid the problem of having to carry on both movement and balances table. There is a special treatment within the table and the database that make these so called flowfields really fast, in fact the operation does not sum all movements but calculates a difference between the first and last entry in consideration. If you want more information you might want to search and look around for a document called Navision server database whitepaper which describes more or less detailed the sift technology. Saludos Nils

fancy you seeing here Trint. You’re accessing all Navision resources… and that’s a good thing. I posted an awnser to your question on btw, how is everthing going with Navision?