No Series

Please could you offer any help. I have designed a table and associated card form not dissimilar to the customer card, when I press F3 and then advance onto the next field the No generated by the No Series should be displayed, however at the moment it only displays the No allocated when I complete input of the next field which is a lookup to the Customer table. I want it to display the number allocated the moment I leave the No field. Many Thanks

Check the property DelayedInsert on your Form. Is it set to True? Turn it off.

Is your No the only field in Primary Key ? NewNo is assigned when leaving PK (considering you obeyed Nelson’s advise DelayedInsert is off) BTW. Why are we “Breaking space” ?!?


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Why are we “Breaking space” ?!?


What method for NoSeriesManagment are you using? Have you tried to use GetNextNo with modify series set to yes?