No. series with dateorder

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While creating no. series what is the use of Date Order field,whether we shold tick on all or this is specific to requiremnt.

if we not tick on it then also the no. will increase in order then what is the use.

pls explain



I don’t think in standard navision in No. Series or No. Series Line tabel there is a field for “Date Order”. Might be a customization.

Nope it is standard.

Here you can choose to have the program check that numbers are assigned chronologically.

If you place a check mark in this field, the program will run a test at the time of posting to ensure that documents and journal lines are assigned numbers in ascending order according to when they are posted.


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Thanks for the reply

but still i am not very clear with this

Suppose the no entered in G/L entry thru General Journal was JV00001 ,now next time the no will be

JV00002 as the increment is of 1 number than what is the use if we click on Date Order Field.

Can you explain me with example.



Let’s try: suppose the no. entered was JV00001 and the posting date July, 4 2006. What would prevent you to enter the next posting with no. JV00002 and posting date June, 30 2006?
That is the purpose of the Date Order Flag - to make sure that to greater nos correspond greater dates. That might not matter for some kind of postings and be vital for other ones - so the flag which you can tick or ntick according to your needs.

Hope this helps

Thanks Anna for this example & also this clear all the doubts

Dear ara3n it’s not customized field it is there in Navision please have a look



I just looked and yep it’s there. Never seen a client using it. And looking at this code

onvalidate of posting date field on PO and SO
IF (“Posting No.” <> ‘’) AND (“Posting No. Series” <> ‘’) THEN BEGIN
NoSeries.GET(“Posting No. Series”);
IF NoSeries.“Date Order” THEN
ERROR( Text040,
FIELDCAPTION(“Posting Date”),FIELDCAPTION(“Posting No. Series”),“Posting No. Series”,
NoSeries.FIELDCAPTION(“Date Order”),NoSeries.“Date Order”,“Document Type”,
FIELDCAPTION(“Posting No.”),“Posting No.”);

text040 cannot change Posting date. Etc etc.

I wouldn’t recoment checking it unless the client needs it as Anna Perotti mentioned.

It is usually checked only for sales invoices series, at least in Italy, where the chronological sequence is overtly imposed by law - actually, I’d thought it was an Italian localization. [:)]

Here in India we also required this type of chronological sequence for Invoice(Excise)