No. Series Problem

We have a superuser who is trying to input a purchase invoice. The form seems to be stuck on one particular document #. No matter if he deletes the header, the same number comes back and it allows him to post! I have checked the No. Series and it did not reach the end of what I have set up. I have deleted his zup file and rebooted his computer. No other users have this problem - only one person. Any thoughts?

Check whether there are any filters on. Fi [:)]

You can also try recompiling the form. This will clear any filters if you deleted the weong zup file. From another machine go to Purchase Invoice (make sure cursor is in the header) / tools / designer / F9 and in the documentation, put a comment (for example // recompile 02.09.2004) Then Escape / Escape / Yes ( to save and recompile) This works to clear the settings without deleting the zup. (I hate to delete their zup.) Tom Roberts

It’s easier to recompile from Object Designer, just select the object(s) and press F11.

Also, if you really want to open it in design, you don’t have to put in a comment. Simply saving the object should do the trick.

I’ve tried what Nelson and Daniel suggest, but unless you actually make a change to the object it doesn’t clear the zup file. Try opening the customer form 21 and set a field filter on the customer number. page up down, only one customer. Ctrl F12 to get to the object designer Form 21. Hit F11 / compile yes. close out come back in to the Customer card, still only one customer, and the word FILTER is still in the status bar. If you do the same thing but open the form and change it in any way and save it, the filter will clear. Thanks,

Sorry, Tom, but that’s actually a bad example: 1) You can not - at least in standard Navision - use the “Customer Card” to set a filter on the “No.” field. It will be immediately cleared. 2) You will need to close the form before the change is visible. 3) If you are on a client/server environment and the users have already opened the Form, it has been read into the Object cache. They will need to restart the application for Navision to be aware of the new object.

Oh, and Shift+F12 will get you to Object Designer. [;)]

Also, Opening the form in design and saving it (not just compiling it from the object designer) DOES clear the zup file for that form. For the keyboard jockies among us: open the form, CTRL+F2, CTRL+S, ENTER, ESC, ESC, re-open form and voila.