No-series problem on a Purchase Order.

Hi all, I have a question related to Navision 2.60. One of our clients has a problem with No-series on a Purchase Order. When user-1 is creating a new PO, user-2 gets the same PO-Number when he creates a new Purchase Order. For some reason Navision is not updating the No-series table. I don’t believe it is a software issue. Navision is locking the tables. So it might be a hardware problem. Or is it related to cashing? Any help is welcome. Thanks, Roelof. ------------------------------------- moved from technical forum and closed

Forget hardware problems, this is an endemic problem with Navision 2.6 and auto incrementing number series. We see the problem at random with Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Sales Credit notes. A some what repeatable way to generate the problem appears to be to set a filter on say a Purchase Order to show only POs of Vendor1 and then try to open a new PO for Vendor2. The screen recycles at every attempt even though a new PO header has been created each time. Occasionally Navision will fail to increment the PO last used number entry. The only work around we have found is to have a Super User increment the last used number for the relevant number series entry manually.