No. Series Managment or unnecessary annoyance?

Hi, In navision 2.60… 1. You run suggest vendor payments (in purch ledg. payment journal). 2. You then delete a line from the middle of the suggestions 3. You can no longer post the journal without amending the document number on all the lines that followed the line you removed. Is there some way around this? Why not a gap in the document numbers, is it so important[}:)]? Thanks FYA, Jon.

If You don’t do the debet booking on every line and instead do this on Your last line You will get all lines in the same document no. /Lars

Thanks Lars, This is true, but what if you do need a balancing account on each line, e.g. when the bank payment type is not blank! Jon

Then I think You’ll end up annoyed… Navision won’t accept gaps in the no.series from the journals /Lars

Hi I think you are specifying the Bank Payment type as either a computer or manual cheque - in this instance if you delete a number as you have pre determined the document number sequence you have to renumber before posting. I suggest you leave the Bank Payment typelank - unless this field is crucial for your processing/reporting/filtering in other areas, as this will allow you to delete document numbers and not have to renumber them (which I suppose means you are not numbering them with the cheque numbers anyway! [:D]) I hope this helps.

Hi thanks again, FYI… I have developed a very basic BACS export from the payment and cash receipt journals for direct credit and debits respectively. I have created an additional option of bank payment type of BACS. The suggest vendor payments function is run with the following options set:Balancing account type=bank,bank payment type=BACS. If the function suggests payments I want to exclude i need to delete them, or if the BACS payment is rejected for any reason a line may also need to be deleted before posting. (I said my solution was basic, I have not created a facilty for voiding the BACS so just await confirmation before posting the payments). Hmmm, I shall ponder the “processing/reporting/filtering in other areas” issue further!

Hi Not coming from the programmer fraternity I would guess that there is coding in the system that states if bank payment type is set then the number series cannot be deleted (but probably not in as plain English as that). If you have developed an additional bank type can you not include that type in the same filtering as the blank type and have the ability to delete the document numbers in between? Or is your real issue that you want all the subsequent document numbers after the deletions to re-sequence once the modifications have been undertaken? In that case I would suggest a posting into the developer forum!! [:D]

Hi Steven, The bank payment type is unrelated to the number series issue, it was just that Lars suggested having just one balancing line, in which case the document number would be the same for all the balanced payments, so deleting one would not cause a gap in the number series. This is no good if you need bank details on every line. We have decided on a work around for now… If you delete a line creating a gap you can ‘move’ the last line in the batch to your gap and change the doc. no. to match the missing doc. no. or, you can run the suggest payment job again, entering the necessary filtering to avoid the payment you don’t want included. Cheers!