No Series - Lines - what date is used ?

Hi, Is this correct : When creating an invoice, NF uses the creation date of the order to grant the invoice its final number. Even when the order is only shipped on a later date. This causes problems when the order is created in year 1, but only shipped in year 2. The number of the invoice will be INV01/xxxx instead of INV02/xxxx. How can I resolve this ? Regards, Philippe Regards, Philippe

Depending on what version of Financials you’re using it should you should be able to use two number series. One for the unposted invoice and one for the posted invoices. You set this up in Sales & Receivables Setup. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

version 2.01. OK, but this does not solve our problem. The order is created in year 1, and afterwards modified in year 2 (transport costs are added). When using the Zoom function, I noticed that the creation date is in year 1, and the modification date in year 2. The date on the invoice is in year 2, but NF uses the No series of year 1 instead of those of year 2 ! Regards, Philippe

Hi Philippe, I am not sure how you have setup your “No Series” for sales invoices but if you use the “No Series Lines” feature to define the new series use when the year changes. The system will assign the correct invoice date. In the No. Series Line table, you can set up information such as the first and last number in the series and the starting date. You can set up more than one number series line per number series, with a different starting date for each line. The program will automatically use the series consecutively, starting each series on the respective starting date and thereafter until the next No Series Line record date. Please note that you do not have to define a ending date. Just a starting date and number in which to use. The Navision Sales Manual explains this feature in greater detail from page 6-8 Regards Wendy _________________________ Wendy O’Connor Practice Leader CSB Systems Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9 T:(403) 233-2955 x 224 F:(403) 233-2957

the set up is correct. The new accounting year start at the 1st april. The order was created on 6 march, and was modified on 30 april. Al invoices created after 1 april have the correct No series, except the one whith creation date 6 march… My gues is that Navision uses the original creation date, and not the modification date to select the appropriate line in the No series. Regards, Philippe

The order date is irrelevant for the invoice. For invoices the posting date is used and for shipments the delivery date. Therefore set the posting date to year 2 and the right number series should be processed. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian