No. series from Gen. Journal Batches to Document No. in Gen. Journal Line


Is it possible to use the No. series from Gen. Journal Batches in Document No. in Gen. Journal Line? Because our client wants that set up. As I copy the Last No. Used(No. Series) into the Doc. No.(Gen. journal Line) → preview the report(it captures the No. Series in the document no. of the report. But when I escape the report, it returns the the default value(no. series of last check no. which is not the Series No. that I copied from the Gen. Journal Batches.

can you explain clearly?

what is the value in Last No used field of No.Series which is attached to Batch…

What value you placed in document no and to which value it is changing at the end?

For example:


Gen. Journal Batches → No. Series → Last. No. Used → CR-003131

I copy, paste. and change it to CR-003132 in the Document No. field in Gen. Journal Line


In the Options tab: where in I would have to put the Bank Account and last check no.(encoded in Bank Account) before previewing it, there is:

BNK-MOF-010 - Bank Account

Last Check No. - 37003


I put CR-003132 in Document No. and preview it using the Bank Account and Last Check No. In the report., it shows the CR-003132 in the Document No.

As I escape or close the report, the value in Document No. returns to 37004, Can’t it be CR-003132 instead even not previewing it?

First thing,no need to copy the document no. manually, it will automatically insert no from last no used of no,.series attached to it. which form are you taking about and which report? is it check print report?

I am using the Payment Journal → Check Voucher Report., yes it is automatically inserting a No. from the last number used.But it captures the last no.(last check no.) from the Bank Account Card. Can’t it capture the last no. used in No Series from the Batch?

In document no. it will capture from Batch No.Series… In Last check no. of report options it will get from bank account … isn’t it working as above?

No… In my report, the Document No. is not capturing the Batch No. Series. It captures the No. from the Last check No. of report options.

What is your report ID?

Are you talking about Document No. or Last check no?

My report ID is 50000

I am talking about both., The Document No. in my report should capture the Batch No. Series. but it captures the No. the last Check No.

If it is your customized report then how do we know what is coded in report and the issue?

Hi I have almost same issue,

In the payment Journal Line Document No is 112, my report has a document No 112 also but after printing the report, when I go back to my Journal Line to post I was shocked that my Document No in the Line has changed to last check no. of the bank that I used in the payment journal

Is it related to Cheque printing ?

Like in IN(India) version if we check mark Activate Cheque No. in General Ledger Setup, Document No will not be replaced by Cheque No while using Computer or Manual Cheque option.

My client is from Philippines and they dont have that check No. on General ledger Setup

Then it would be good to check the issue using debugger.