No. Series and No. Series Lines problem

Hello Guys…

I have one problem. I got one excel file from my client for No. Series. Using table description i have created two different CSV file for No. Series and No. Series Lines table for import data using DataImport . Now i am successfully able to import data. After importing data i have seen both tables and both tables contains data. Now my problem is that when i am opening No. Series form , there is a data for Code and Description but rest of the fields are emplty. can somebody tell me whats wrong with it? is it some importing data problem or something else? You can see images below

No. Series Table


No. Series Line Table


No. Series Form


Please help me out thanks…

Hello Guys… i have figured out this problem… its happen because open flag is false… it has to be true. You can verify this in form no. 346 and in which u will find that they have filter table using OPEN field with YES value.

But still i have couple of question . It will be really helpful to me for my knowledge.

may i know why line number should be 10000? and also what is open flag? and why both field are required?


Here’s what I know…

You can always change the line number to what ever you like, as long as it is integer.

The 10000 increment in Line No. is useful when you use AutoSplitKey feature. Sometimes you need to insert a new line in between existing lines, and by having 10000 increment NAV will suggest a new Line No. accordingly while you still keep the right sorting order of the form.


10000 Bicycle

20000 Tricylce

→ When you put the cursor on 20000 and press F3 (create new line) Nav will create a new line with 15000 as its Line No.

10000 Bicycle

15000 Unicyle

20000 Tricycle

Please correct me if I’m wrong here, the formula of AutoSplitKey is New Line No := ROUND((Previous Line No. + Next Line No) / 2)

in our case New Line No := ROUND((10000 + 20000) / 2)

:= 30000 / 2

:= 15000

Imagine how would you do this if your increment is only 1?

As for the Open flag, here’s what you need to do… Go to No. Series Line form → go to Open field → Press F1. You will find the necessary information… :smiley:



I see in Cronous application every number series having line no 10000 . than if i will consider above calculation than it will be again 10000. Is it true?

Its opening help regarding Design a Table. I didnt find any information for Open field.